One ought every day at least,

to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and,

if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words. 

-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749-1832) 


7th August, 2011

An exhilarating weekend!

It has been a busy weekend. After weeks of preparing for Chilli Fiesta at West Dean Gardens, finally I get to put on my new belly dance gear. Finished making the belly dance belt on Wednesday, didn’t expect the belt making to go so smoothly, it looks pretty good. I am quite pleased with myself.

belly dance belt

Turquoise belly dance belt

belly dance cerise pink jewellery

Cerise pink and gold belly dance jewellery

The weather’s been good to us. The warm temperature on Friday allows us to chill out in the sun in between performance. Though it was cloudy on Saturday, the rain stayed away. Wasn’t there on Sunday but I am sure it will be as good as the other days.

The weekend ends with a different kind of exhilaration. I danced with my belly dance students at a Charity fun day. Their enthusiasm and spontaneous attitude to performing in the public for the first time was very admirable. And they performed beautifully. Well done Fiona, Philippa, Carol, Sheila and Elaine!


31st May, 2011

True summer

Is summer finally here? Yes, if you based it on the weather. It’s sunny, and it’s still bright at 8.30pm. I always thought that the summer months start from May to July. After all the longest day in summer is on or near 21st June, right smack in the middle of the quarterly months.

Perhaps it is the unpredictable weather that is causing this confusion perse. Should I be bothered as to when the summer month starts? Perhaps I should just enjoy the sunshine when it comes and not ask too many questions. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Well, the spring flowers have bloomed and the tomato plants are producing its first crop. The strawberries from the previous year are doing very well, probably due to the warm temperature in April. We are back to the same dilemma about what to grow especially in the vegetables department, the tedious task of weeding..... Now, that’s grumbling. A sign of ageing, I suppose.

Ok. it’s important to stay positive. Think about how I can enjoy the summer months, grab the ‘good weather days’, enjoy the garden and yes, weeding, socialising and most of all be appreciative about summer.

summer flowers



Clematis at its best


Photographs of Bracklesham Bay beach

When you live with an expert photographer, one can't help but pick up some useful tips on how to take a good photograph. I am not saying that these photos are great but I am pretty happy about it, furthermore it's taken from a camera phone. (A good excuse for the flaws).

It was a windy afternoon and I believe the tide was coming in. It was an orchestra of sight and sound. The crashing waves as it hit the shingled beach causing hundreds of small pebbles to skip and jump as if it's trying to get out from a pot of boiling water.

bracklesham bay beach

bracklesham bay beach


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